Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Synergy Seeds Headquaters

11507 W Rt 17, Bonfield IL 60913

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Get trained or refreshed on your 20/20 & FieldView prior to planting.

Bring your monitors and Ipads

*Come 30 minutes before the session that pertains to you for monitor updating and data cleanup

9am-10am GEN1 & GEN2 20/20 training

10am-11am FieldViewPlus cab app & black app training 

1pm-2pm GEN 3 20/20 training

2pm-3pm FieldViewplus training cab app & black app training (same as morning)

20/20 owner: BRING your monitor and 110v power cord if you have one (we have some) & USB if you wish to save your data 

Ipad owner: BRING your fully chaged ipad w/ apple user ID & password & Climate user name and password so we can update the apps.  PLEASE update your ipad software prior to coming if possible.  Call and we can walk you through it ahead.